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Management Aspect

(Area for improvement)

Annual Goals

(What we want to do)




(How we will do it)



Quality Assurance / Evidence

(How will we know it happening)

(What impact is it having)



(What needs to change)


   When                             Result

Teaching practice


-  The inclusion of student-centered learning activities in lessons increases.

- Teacher will learn active learning method.

-    Visit to classroom during the lesson. (Review how teachers using the active learning)



- Teacher will include student – centered learning activities in their lesson plan.

-    Samples of teachers plans will be reviewed once a month.

Ev Month


-  Learning from the best practice of teaching methodology.

-  Co-operate teachers who have best practice of teaching methodology.

-    Review how teachers using variety of teaching methodology.

Once a term


-  Support new ideas of teaching methodologies.

-  Organize contest of methodology.


-   How many teachers using the new, modern methodology from others.

Once a term


-  Using promotion.

-     Whether the new teaching ideas are being developed or not in school.





-    Developing teacher’s  professional skills.

-  Teachers will attend scheduled training.

-     Certificate will be printed and shown.  Review during the lesson.



-  Teachers will attend ‘face to face’ and ‘on-line’ course.

-     Certificate will be printed and shown.  Review during the lesson.


-  Teachers will attend internal training which is organizing from school.

-     Certificate will be printed and shown. Review during the lesson.


-  Teachers will investigate from the textbook and other resources.

-     Review result of research works and impact of



-  Arrange available timetable for trainings.

-     Review attendance of teachers.




-       Improving method of formative assessment.

-  Give chance to learn effective methods of formative and summary assessment.

-     Review how to use effective methods during the lesson and exam time.












-       Improving method of summary assessment.





School communication system

-   Developing Parents and teacher association’s communication.

-  Organizing PTA meeting once a term.

-     Conduct research.

Once a term


-  Make common understanding about whole project.

-    Improving Student councils activity.

-  Support head of student council for arrange and organize effective activities.

-     Review relationship between teachers and parents.


-   Make good relationship between other organizations.

-  Make co-operating agreements and


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